Funeral Photographer Italy

Funeral Photographer Italy:
Funeral, like other ceremonies is a moment of Union with family, friends, colleagues and all those who are there for the good and the love they feel to a loved and special person.

Often because of business or lifestyle choice many people live far and come back to celebrate the lives of those they loved.
Thanks to a picture we can remember who we were close in this very special moment of our lives.
The preparation of the photo shoot for this sacred event occurs under your supervision and approval by respecting your directives.
I’ll be discreet and almost invisible during the ceremony.

In addition to basic photo shoot with delivery of high resolution photos to DVD directly at your home or in digital format trough internet, to you and your loved ones you can also have the following options:

  • Photo album
  • Custom website

Also in collaboration with our partners you can get the following services:

  • Sacred music during the ceremony
  • Background music in the after ceremony
  • Catering and buffet
  • Creation and projection of images reminiscent of the deceased
  • Video footage

Operating throughout the country.

For information:

Massimo Cuomo – Funeral Photographer – Italy

Phone: 338 587 86 84