Italian Potographer

Massimo Cuomo

 Italian Documentary Photographer

Born in 1973, I live and work in Napoli, in the south of italy, as a Professional Photographer and I work throughout the national and international territory for concerts, street art, congresses, events, presentations, wedding, photo books, theatrical performances, sporting events, reports and much more.

My photographic career starts 15 years ago, from a long experimentation and I am always looking for the uniqueness of the shots and places with a great desire to improve and work more and more with the utmost professionalism, creativity, elegance and an immense attention to the details.

Over the last few years a light and communicative style has emerged with particular attention to the use of natural light.
Fashion, events, portraiture, ceremonies and much more have contributed to increasing my professional background.

How I work:
I realize photographic services with a particular attention for the naturalness of the movements and the poses. I prefer to experiment and work with natural light that gives the photo a unique setting. An example is that of street style recently much sought after and used on the best national and international fashion magazines.
The choice of location and accessories is based on careful planning in order to enhance the emotional aspect and the visual impact. My work is surrounded by accredited professionals working in the field as stylists, make-up artists, jewelry designers and hairdressers. All my photographic projects are born of mutual knowledge; from the meeting of 2 worlds that come together to stop those emotions that will live in one click.

Gigs, concerts, street art, congresses, conventions, fashion, fairs, presentations, shootings, theatrical performances, ceremonies, composit for models, advertising photos, sporting events, reportage and much more.

I worked with the following artists: Mario Biondi, Robert Plant, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu, Luigi De Filippo, Raiz, Fausto Mesolella, Marcello Coleman, Ciccio Merolla, Roy Paci, Paolo Fresu, Antonio Onorato, Joe Amoruso, Peppe Barra, Petra Magoni and many others.
I also worked in shows like Vitiglio italia. Vinitaly, Italian jazz for L’Aquila (where they are among the official photographers accredited for the event), Pescara Jazz, the Carosone Award, May of monuments, Naples Theater Festival etc.

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